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1). As defined by the law, the boat is equipped with life-saving equipment and emergency equipment: personal life jackets, circular lifebuoy, floating device, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, etc, as well as a leaflet with the basic rules of safe cruising with a nautical map of the area.
2). Online booking is available through our website. Deposit is required via bank transfer
3). Online booking through our website: the guest receives an automated message in their email as confirmation for the booking. If the service provider considers that it is not possible to book the preferred cruise (eg due to weather, simultaneous booking on-site etc), an online cancellation of the booking will follow up within 24 hours. The reason for cancellation will be notified to the guest and an alternative date and time will be suggested. If amending the reservation to another date is not possible (eg due to the guests's departure), the full amount will be refunded.
4). If the guest wishes to cancel the reservation for any reason whatsoever, the amount paid, up to the date the cancellation, will be refunded in full to the guest only if cancellation is made at a time more than 15 days prior to the booking date .
5). The deposit or the down payment is non-refundable for bookings confirmed at a time less than 20 days prior to the desired date for the rental. The cruising area is determined according to the weather conditions on the date and time of the actual rental.
6). For reservations confirmed 3 days or less prior to the rental time, if the weather has changed unexpectedly (e.g. strong winds), the company offers the guest an alternative itinerary. If there is no alternative itinerary, the guest is offered an alternative date and time for the rental. If amending the reservation is not possible (e.g. due to the gguests's departure), then the amount paid in advance will be fully refunded .
7). When the guest has paid any deposit for the reservation of a boat and they do not show up to pick up the boat within 2 (two) hours from the time agreed, the company has the right to rent the boat to another guest. The reservation is not amended to any future time and any amount paid in advance will not be refunded.
8). The boat is insured against third parties for personal injuries, property damage and pollution resulting from a accident at sea.
9).The guest agrees to pay the amound set from the beginning and agreed between the company and the guest. The guest will pay the full amount before sailing.
10).Transportation by boat and sea tours are private. The guest and people who join them will board the boat, but their number should not exceed the allowable number of passengers for each boat.
11).The company reserves the right to set prices depending on circumstances. More people and/or luggage, as well as any changes in the itinerary, may increase the cost and therefore the price for such services.
12).People with serious health problems, women in advanced pregnancy stage or people with any other condition, which can be aggravated by using the boat, should avoid boarding the boat. The company may refuse boarding to such individuals for their own safety. Infants and small children get on the boat under the responsibility of their parents, who must supervise them during the entire period of use of the boat.
13).When circumstances so require (eg adverse weather conditions), the company may postpone or even cancel the itinerary for safety reasons. If no alternative can be found (eg due to the client's departure), any advance payment will be refunded. Otherwise, the cancellation policy as stated in paragraphs 4 shall apply.
14).In the event of cancellation due to failure or bad weather, the company shall have no other obligation towards the client other than to refund any down-payment.
15).Boats are insured against third parties as prescribed by the law. Passengers must comply with the instructions of the operator for their own safety, and avoid any actions or behaviors that endanger themselves or others. It is strictly prohibited to move around the boat while cruising.
16).The company (boat rentals, boat trips, water sports) may use pictures or videos taken during the use of such services following consent of the persons appearing in such pictures or videos, for promotion purposes only (in social media, websites, flyers etc). Any wish of the client not to make use of such material will be fully respected by the company.