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The name of Valendi boat was inspired by a rock near the island of Iremi Gramvousa and the island of Arnaouti. Valendi is often referred to in poems and traditional Cretan music along with Imeri Gramvousa by local artists.

Valendi Cruise Boat

The boat leaves the port of Kissamos daily at 10:00 am with your choice of destination. The cruise typically lasts 8 hours excluding the destination of Kithyra, where you may have an overnight stay. The Valendi has all the comforts you need to enjoy your trip on board. There are two cabins with double beds, kitchen, toilet with shower, dining room and an area where you can enjoy relaxation and sunbathing. We can also entertain you with live traditional Cretan music. It is an ideal choice either for groups up to 10 people, or for couples. During your stay we offer juice, water, coffee, tsikoudia and traditional Cretan food.  Additional food and beverage options can be arranged.